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So, today just minutes ago was my niece's thanksgiving celebration at school.

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New friends
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I have made new friends! haha

Remember I wrote before that this 2016 I've been paying my debts and trying to save and avoiding going out because that makes me spend and reading a lot haha well It has paid off, now my debt is considerable lower and I can give myself little room for fun..

I do have friends of course, but as time passes, getting together seems harder and harder. In my case, besides finding it so hard to meet them, many have boyfriends/girlfriends that makes meeting them a different thing than it would've been if we were alone... but of course I thank for everytime I get to see them! haha I do love my friends!

So anyway, I joined this reading club through internet and went to the first meeting at the beginning of november... and I quite liked it! Later they told me they had this whatsapp group where they comunicate and they also  added me there and then some others added me to facebook and all that... but today I went to the first "get together" outside of the club sesions and I loved it!! They're all very cool and nice! and they love to read and have very good conversation! I'm very happy !!! haha

Everything was going so well that we all decided to go to the movies after the dinner, and went to see Fantastic Beasts hahaha I love it, even though I've seen it 3 times already!! haahhaha It is Eddie Redmayne

Well I think I wanted to write about something else but I forgot... I'm getting quite sleepy haha

Good night/morning everybody! <3

Back after Mexico's Black Friday (weekend)
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So! I'm back! Today is like monday to me, because yesterday was a holiday! Why? because it was the celebration of Mexican Revolution Day! which is supposed to be on 20th but it was changed to monday to have a holiday! =D

AAAND this loong weekend also turns out to be Mexico's black friday equivalent.. it is called Buen Fin, which means Good Weekend, because we get to have a WHOLE WEEKEND of SALE haha. Supposedly it's before the black friday to make people buy stuff local instead of going to the US to shop, I'm not really a big fan of going to the US for shopping so there's not much of an option for me haha, I shop here or I don't at all! haha

I did get some pretty dresses and clothing, some gifts, a Kindle, books, bluerays and I think that's it! =) I'm pretty happy with my purchases haha! I haven't received like half of things yet! haha I've recently began to love Amazon Mexico haha because somethings are cheaper than the stores I know and most of the times it offers free shipping!! which is a VERY BIG PLUS! hahaha

Last saturday, I wrote an entry and I just realized I didn't post it... I hope is not gone..... but I have little faith, I don't have an editor on my mac u_u !! It was about some new friends I made, and I'm quite happy! haha


Has anyone seen Fantastic Beasts? I have! 3 times!!!! Is not only that I loved the movie.. the 3rd time my new friends wanted to watch it and I couldn't say no! hahaha besides movie tickets were on sale! 1 usd !! hahahah THE BEST SALE I GOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE!! Needless to say I also bought another 20 tickets just in case! hahaha to go to the movies with my family and all that !! =)

Well besides all the above, I didn't do much this weekend haha I slept and read and did laundry!!

I'll write again later! =)

Is it friday already?
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This week seems so long... it's barely thuesday... T_T

Today was the last day of my assistant and she was very sad to leave and cried... I also felt sort of sad but she's leaving because she'll spend some months in Europe... and I think that's awesome! haha either way, I understand her feeling.

She also told me that she wanted me to join her and her family for a small parting dinner, because I was a good boss haha that made me very happy, I like to be a good example hehe


Besides from that, I'm waiting for the bank to return some money I got stolen... It is so UNFAIR !!! I don't have a lot of cash because I might get robbed, but I should not use my debit or credit cards because they might/will be clonned!! then HOW the HELL does one uses money now!!! I hate it! Damn the People who clones cards and steals from others T_T


These days, mornings are colder and I'm finding very difficult to wake up and get out of bed... I'm almost late to drop my niece twice this week, which is to say ALL days of this week hahaha I like the cold, but I like it when I'm active, not when I'm at home freezing :/


Speaking of my assistant leaving, I already have a new girl that was trained by the girl who just left today... and she seems to be quite nice aswell, and smart and has a little bit of experience, so that'll be useful when I want to teach her something new...


I was thinking that if I get to study a masters degree, when I come back to Mexico, I'd like to become a teacher haha both my parents are/were teachers and maybe it is in my blood but I love teaching (I've come to realize that while teaching the girls that work with me)... Besides from that, I've no Idea what am I supposed to do with my life... it is hard and I'm kind of scared...

Anyway, I'll leave my existencial rants for another time =P hahaha

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Hello again, I've been super ultra busy with work, study and my book reading! And I'm very sorry I hadn't come here for a while... but since I love LJ, I always eventually come back haha

I think I mentioned here before that I want to apply for a MBA at an abroad university... Studying and living abroad is one of my whole-life dreams, and if I can do them both at once then that's perfect!

Aside from work, which is always much... I've been surfing for good MBA programs all over the world that offer good system and not overly expensive tuition fees; and fortunately I've found a handful of them... well about 3 or 4 haha which is enough to start!

The new challenge now is taking the GMAT & iBT Toefl... I was checking online and took a GMAT prep test from the official GMAT webpage and my score was HORRIBLE! I thought I was a fast thinker and reader..... I WAS WRONG!

Anyway, I got a GMAT course and now I'm refreshing old math knowledge and stragegies to pass the GMAT with the best score I can, in order to assure myself a spot at either of the universities I chose.

Another thing I did, during my absence, was READ! I've read lots of books this year! =)

1st because I've lots of debt haha and I'm in the process of paying them and I can't go out a lot
2nd because I don't read as often as I would like
and 3rd because I need to improve my reading speed for the GMAT... and reading seems like a good way to practice hahaha

Anyway, this is how my challenge is going~

I'm loving GoodReads haha is great to have a record of the books you've read and want to read and all that!! =)
This is my account!! =) you can add me haha and recommend me books and all!! <3

I hope everyone is having a great week!!! Tomorrow's friday!! and for some of you it already iiiis !! <3 hahaha

See you~

Lalalaaa haha
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Testing... lets see if the sticky is sticky hahaha


Friends Only
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aletrenear FO.png

I'll try having my LJ as FO.
Please comment or PM me to add you if you're interested.

Thanks to just_demented for the image.

Mobile service
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After like 2 years, yesterday I finally updated my phone plan because new and better options were out in the market... here is what I had:

60 minutes to talk only with Telcel (biggest mexican mobile company) numbers, 5 messages and Unlimited internet usage. [I paid 535 mxn pesos (35 usd) and extra if I passed the minutes or messages monthly]

And I changed it for this one:

700 minutes to talk with any company number, 700 messages, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp unlimited usage and 4.2 GB of data usage. [I will pay 499 mxn pesos (33 usd) monthly; I don't think I'll ever use all those minutes and messages]

I think is better, I can save a little bit more xD haha and I got this one for free:
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yaaaaaay!! *happy dance*

Now I find myself in a crossroads, I don't know what to do with the phone... hahaha I was thinking about giving it to my niece... but she's 4 y/o and maybe too young for having a phone.. what do you think I should do, do I save it for her? or sell it and do something better with the money?

And about how things are in your country... becuase I'm terribly curious xD !
1. What's your mobile company?
2. How does mobile plans work? what do they offer you?

Answer for question 4410.
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What were your favorite books growing up? How did those influence your choice of a favorite genre when you got older?
I grew up with Harry Potter <3 and Little Women haha
And I love to read novels because of it, hehe that's it =P

15 Facts about Me
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Comment with "I wanna play!" and you will be assigned a number between 15-50 of facts for you to share. I was given "10" by lynn82md Have fun!

1. I'm a Mexican girl, almost 28 years old who loves to travel. And I work as an Accountant.

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Note for: lynn82md .. You said 10, but in your post the smallest number was 15 so I did 15 hehehe... =D


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