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дневник о репортажной фотосъемке в Москве. вызов и фото

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Back again... for the nth time!
cute, cat, kya

So, from the last time I posted something on LJ lots of things have happened in my life!! 

I'll make a small list of it all haha I don't know how many of my old friends are still here, but if you remember me I just want to say I'm sorry for being away so long!!

Here is the list:

1. I quit my job! (I'd been wanting to do it for a long time, but I didn't have an enough good reason to do it...)
2. I found a new job... in Japan! (I LOVE Japan and it was one of my life-long dreams to come and live here... and I finally did it!)
3. Since I'm living in Japan, that means I obviously moved out of my parents house which is a big things for Mexican girls haha... it's rare that a girl moves out for a reason that's not marriage... and I did it!!
4. I have my own apartment!! This is recent, I started living in share house and then I moved into a place by myself and I feel like a big girl LOL !!
5. I changed my job title from Accountant to Teacher! haha It's a big thing for me and I'm very happy about it! Because I LOVE my new JOB!!
6. I started dating again, and I've meet 2 Japanese guys that are so nice and cool haha that I don't know what to do... we're not formally dating yet so I guess for now is ok like that.
7. And... I guess is the most important of all... I'M VERY HAPPY !! I have everything I need and I'm as close as I was with my family as before even when we're so far apart..

So yeah... that's how things have been so far for me, here are some pictures of my new life!

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