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Recent Collector

So, I am a recent collector.. what did I decided to start collecting?

Pins <3 hahaha nothing out of the ordinary not even weird hahaha is totally common, but is sort of a new thing for me. I've never tried to collect (as much as I can) anything..

The theme of the collection is Travelling, I LOVE to travel and would like to collect as much pins as I can from my trips. Unfortunately, I've done quite some trips before I started buying them... So I've no choice but to comeback to buy something to every place =D !! hahahaha

This is the start of my collection:

The big picture

A LOT of space to continue right??? hahahaha I also like keyholders but haha almost all of them are gifts.. except for the Platform 9 3/4 from King's Cross, the one from the Keikarou restaurant in Japan and the phone strap from Arashi <3 hahaha almos half I bought! =P

Here's the close up of the pins =)

Only 10 at the moment, well you have to start with something right?

So, as you can see, almost all are from Japan, my last trip. I visited several places like Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka; I haven't been to New York or Los Angeles, but since I told my friends they brought those two for me =D

If I can I'll buy online the ones from the places I've already been hahaha..

Anyway, I wanted to share this =)

Some notes before I go:
- The girl in the picture, is my best friend who very unfortunately died on an accident, she's there in an important place so that I can see and remember her and how great she was =).
- Yes, I am an Arashi Fan, I don't post a lot about it haha well I used to if you go very far back on my journal... but now though I still love them I don't have much time to research and all that =P
- No, unfortunately I've never been in an Arashi concert, those strips are gifts =P
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