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House chores

My favorite one, haha is Laundry and Clothes folding, more the folding than the other hahaha I dont know why... It has something to do with ordering stuff, It soothes me haha

I think I have a very low level of OCD, when it comes to order haha and this kind of chores help me calm and think about something else.. before it used to be File Ordering xD hahah in my computer haha but it didn't help anybody haha so I sort of changed it...

In my house, we are 4 adults and 1 children, so the amount of clothes is HUGE haha and I takes me a long time to finish, but usually I do it with a movie or series on, so is nice xD !! Normally I do this on sunday mornings if I wake up early, if not, at night when I'm back from visiting family xD !!

My least favorite chore, is dish washing... I don't know why, I hate it ! I don't like wet food... maybe is that...

So, what's your favorite and least favorite chore??? =)
Tags: chores, family, home, questions
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