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15 Facts about Me

Comment with "I wanna play!" and you will be assigned a number between 15-50 of facts for you to share. I was given "10" by lynn82md Have fun!

1. I'm a Mexican girl, almost 28 years old who loves to travel. And I work as an Accountant.

2. I'm very much attracted to asian guys, mostly because I like man with childish faces. =/ hehe
3. I can eat almost everything everywhere, without having to worry about stomach pain... but I'm not very fond of cheese and avocado... but either way I can eat them =P
4. I'm short and overweighted... =/ and though I know I should do something about it, I don't like to do sports and eat less... haha
5. I expend more than I can pay, and it follows that I have some financial problems... with myself, not with anybody else.. haha
6. Either way, I love to travel and I do it as much as I can!
7. I'm very very much afraid of never getting married.
8. I curse a lot in my regular talking, but I NEVER do it when my parents are around, it sort of scares me xD haha
9. I get a cold, at least twice a year, and since I'm currently on one right now, this is the first of 2015..
10. I bite off my fingernails when I'm stressed out so I have them painted with durable paint (gel) so that it (financially) hurts me to bite them out.. hahahaha
11. I'm very open minded and understanding, but I have little patience..
12. I feel guilt out of almost everything that I do and don't do, and sometimes makes me do things I don't want in order to not feel it...
13. My family consists in 5 members, my mother, my father, two sisters and one niece. But my sister, the mother of my niece, no longer lives in my house.
14. I love my country the most, when I'm outside of it... because when I'm here I heard all the bad news about politics and security, and I don't like it...
15. I don't regularly party and get drunk, but I envy people who can do it easily and without regrets... I'm always thinking about safety things and driving back, and I can't enjoy much...

Note for: lynn82md .. You said 10, but in your post the smallest number was 15 so I did 15 hehehe... =D
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