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Mobile service

After like 2 years, yesterday I finally updated my phone plan because new and better options were out in the market... here is what I had:

60 minutes to talk only with Telcel (biggest mexican mobile company) numbers, 5 messages and Unlimited internet usage. [I paid 535 mxn pesos (35 usd) and extra if I passed the minutes or messages monthly]

And I changed it for this one:

700 minutes to talk with any company number, 700 messages, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp unlimited usage and 4.2 GB of data usage. [I will pay 499 mxn pesos (33 usd) monthly; I don't think I'll ever use all those minutes and messages]

I think is better, I can save a little bit more xD haha and I got this one for free:

yaaaaaay!! *happy dance*

Now I find myself in a crossroads, I don't know what to do with the phone... hahaha I was thinking about giving it to my niece... but she's 4 y/o and maybe too young for having a phone.. what do you think I should do, do I save it for her? or sell it and do something better with the money?

And about how things are in your country... becuase I'm terribly curious xD !
1. What's your mobile company?
2. How does mobile plans work? what do they offer you?
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