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Hello again, I've been super ultra busy with work, study and my book reading! And I'm very sorry I hadn't come here for a while... but since I love LJ, I always eventually come back haha

I think I mentioned here before that I want to apply for a MBA at an abroad university... Studying and living abroad is one of my whole-life dreams, and if I can do them both at once then that's perfect!

Aside from work, which is always much... I've been surfing for good MBA programs all over the world that offer good system and not overly expensive tuition fees; and fortunately I've found a handful of them... well about 3 or 4 haha which is enough to start!

The new challenge now is taking the GMAT & iBT Toefl... I was checking online and took a GMAT prep test from the official GMAT webpage and my score was HORRIBLE! I thought I was a fast thinker and reader..... I WAS WRONG!

Anyway, I got a GMAT course and now I'm refreshing old math knowledge and stragegies to pass the GMAT with the best score I can, in order to assure myself a spot at either of the universities I chose.

Another thing I did, during my absence, was READ! I've read lots of books this year! =)

1st because I've lots of debt haha and I'm in the process of paying them and I can't go out a lot
2nd because I don't read as often as I would like
and 3rd because I need to improve my reading speed for the GMAT... and reading seems like a good way to practice hahaha

Anyway, this is how my challenge is going~

I'm loving GoodReads haha is great to have a record of the books you've read and want to read and all that!! =)
This is my account!! =) you can add me haha and recommend me books and all!! <3

I hope everyone is having a great week!!! Tomorrow's friday!! and for some of you it already iiiis !! <3 hahaha

See you~
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