ale_irenear (ale_irenear) wrote,

Is it friday already?

This week seems so long... it's barely thuesday... T_T

Today was the last day of my assistant and she was very sad to leave and cried... I also felt sort of sad but she's leaving because she'll spend some months in Europe... and I think that's awesome! haha either way, I understand her feeling.

She also told me that she wanted me to join her and her family for a small parting dinner, because I was a good boss haha that made me very happy, I like to be a good example hehe


Besides from that, I'm waiting for the bank to return some money I got stolen... It is so UNFAIR !!! I don't have a lot of cash because I might get robbed, but I should not use my debit or credit cards because they might/will be clonned!! then HOW the HELL does one uses money now!!! I hate it! Damn the People who clones cards and steals from others T_T


These days, mornings are colder and I'm finding very difficult to wake up and get out of bed... I'm almost late to drop my niece twice this week, which is to say ALL days of this week hahaha I like the cold, but I like it when I'm active, not when I'm at home freezing :/


Speaking of my assistant leaving, I already have a new girl that was trained by the girl who just left today... and she seems to be quite nice aswell, and smart and has a little bit of experience, so that'll be useful when I want to teach her something new...


I was thinking that if I get to study a masters degree, when I come back to Mexico, I'd like to become a teacher haha both my parents are/were teachers and maybe it is in my blood but I love teaching (I've come to realize that while teaching the girls that work with me)... Besides from that, I've no Idea what am I supposed to do with my life... it is hard and I'm kind of scared...

Anyway, I'll leave my existencial rants for another time =P hahaha
Tags: life, money, niece, university, update, work
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