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Back after Mexico's Black Friday (weekend)

So! I'm back! Today is like monday to me, because yesterday was a holiday! Why? because it was the celebration of Mexican Revolution Day! which is supposed to be on 20th but it was changed to monday to have a holiday! =D

AAAND this loong weekend also turns out to be Mexico's black friday equivalent.. it is called Buen Fin, which means Good Weekend, because we get to have a WHOLE WEEKEND of SALE haha. Supposedly it's before the black friday to make people buy stuff local instead of going to the US to shop, I'm not really a big fan of going to the US for shopping so there's not much of an option for me haha, I shop here or I don't at all! haha

I did get some pretty dresses and clothing, some gifts, a Kindle, books, bluerays and I think that's it! =) I'm pretty happy with my purchases haha! I haven't received like half of things yet! haha I've recently began to love Amazon Mexico haha because somethings are cheaper than the stores I know and most of the times it offers free shipping!! which is a VERY BIG PLUS! hahaha

Last saturday, I wrote an entry and I just realized I didn't post it... I hope is not gone..... but I have little faith, I don't have an editor on my mac u_u !! It was about some new friends I made, and I'm quite happy! haha


Has anyone seen Fantastic Beasts? I have! 3 times!!!! Is not only that I loved the movie.. the 3rd time my new friends wanted to watch it and I couldn't say no! hahaha besides movie tickets were on sale! 1 usd !! hahahah THE BEST SALE I GOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE!! Needless to say I also bought another 20 tickets just in case! hahaha to go to the movies with my family and all that !! =)

Well besides all the above, I didn't do much this weekend haha I slept and read and did laundry!!

I'll write again later! =)
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