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New friends

I have made new friends! haha

Remember I wrote before that this 2016 I've been paying my debts and trying to save and avoiding going out because that makes me spend and reading a lot haha well It has paid off, now my debt is considerable lower and I can give myself little room for fun..

I do have friends of course, but as time passes, getting together seems harder and harder. In my case, besides finding it so hard to meet them, many have boyfriends/girlfriends that makes meeting them a different thing than it would've been if we were alone... but of course I thank for everytime I get to see them! haha I do love my friends!

So anyway, I joined this reading club through internet and went to the first meeting at the beginning of november... and I quite liked it! Later they told me they had this whatsapp group where they comunicate and they also  added me there and then some others added me to facebook and all that... but today I went to the first "get together" outside of the club sesions and I loved it!! They're all very cool and nice! and they love to read and have very good conversation! I'm very happy !!! haha

Everything was going so well that we all decided to go to the movies after the dinner, and went to see Fantastic Beasts hahaha I love it, even though I've seen it 3 times already!! haahhaha It is Eddie Redmayne

Well I think I wanted to write about something else but I forgot... I'm getting quite sleepy haha

Good night/morning everybody! <3
Tags: books, experiencia, friends, harry potter, reading
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