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So, today just minutes ago was my niece's thanksgiving celebration at school.

. and it got me thinking how a couple of weeks ago I was asked to come to school and discuss about her with some teachers..

Maybe this post is not a very thanksgiving-themed one but... is a day for good feelings I think.

So they asked me to come and they began telling me that nothing's actually wrong with her but that it astonished the teacher that Gaby, living in a dysfunctional family and all, was actually a very happy girl..

And I thought, well, she may not be living with her mom, and is being raised by her grandparents and aunts but in the end she IS loved... and very much so!

Made me wonder why they assume that a kid raised differently will not be as happy as a traditionally raised one...

In my opinion, I think if the child has someone to depend on and never feels alone or left out... and is not treated differently because there's no reason for that... then he/she will have the chance to grow just as any other child would do...

Of course I know every kid is different and reacts differently... but today I am thankful because my baby is happy !!

There is nothing it gives me more happiness thank a happy child, whoever and wherever...


On another not so happy note, Gaby had a small accident and got a crack in her collarbone... she's feeling better now.. but OMG it is so hard to take care of a person that is hurting 💔

I don't function well in that situation...

This is her after they put her arm thingy 😞Happy thanksgiving to everyone!!! 🦃

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