😊 relieved Osaka, Japan

The week is over!

It was a good first week of October... 'cause you know... Halloween and horror and stuff like that... HAHA 

But finally is over and on top of that, Monday is a holiday! So next week is a 4 day week! The teachers that were sick are recovering and coming back! so YAAAAAY!!! 

Friday was the day I finally lost it though... I was surviving ok and on the last day 2 of the babies I was taking care of peed while I was changing their diapers and the other teacher that was supposed to help me with them was not helping at all... 

I understand she is not a teacher for this age group kids so she doesn't know what to do... but she was just sitting down gently calling the babies to come to her... and I was like no no, BRING THEM TO YOU!! haha 

Anyway, I got angry all by myself haha I didn't scream to anybody or did anything mean to anybody... but when I get to that stage I start to try doing EVERYTHING by myself because I don't trust myself to ask nicely... so I speak less and less and less the angrier I get... and I talk a LOT on a normal day, so people started noticing haha so some would come do something and then go... which was perfect for me...

There were so many things I wanted to do for this week, but NOTHING was done because I had no energy to even try with all the things going on...

The good thing is that I got to appreciate my normal partners and how we're actually a good team! and not such a good team when we're not together... hahaha

Thankfully is over and next week will be a good week and I'll get to do many of the things I was intending to do... hahaha I'll have to look at the bright side and return to my regular happy self ! (LOL)...

I'll make sure to say sorry to my co-workers in case I did or said something mean to them while I was angry he he he...

I'm going to have a gooooooooood weekend, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

Enjoy your weekend too <3


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