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дневник о репортажной фотосъемке в Москве. вызов и фото

предлагаю фотосъемку репортажа по ссылке: http://color-foto.com

Mobile service
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After like 2 years, yesterday I finally updated my phone plan because new and better options were out in the market... here is what I had:

60 minutes to talk only with Telcel (biggest mexican mobile company) numbers, 5 messages and Unlimited internet usage. [I paid 535 mxn pesos (35 usd) and extra if I passed the minutes or messages monthly]

And I changed it for this one:

700 minutes to talk with any company number, 700 messages, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp unlimited usage and 4.2 GB of data usage. [I will pay 499 mxn pesos (33 usd) monthly; I don't think I'll ever use all those minutes and messages]

I think is better, I can save a little bit more xD haha and I got this one for free:
my giftCollapse )
yaaaaaay!! *happy dance*

Now I find myself in a crossroads, I don't know what to do with the phone... hahaha I was thinking about giving it to my niece... but she's 4 y/o and maybe too young for having a phone.. what do you think I should do, do I save it for her? or sell it and do something better with the money?

And about how things are in your country... becuase I'm terribly curious xD !
1. What's your mobile company?
2. How does mobile plans work? what do they offer you?

Answer for question 4410.
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What were your favorite books growing up? How did those influence your choice of a favorite genre when you got older?
I grew up with Harry Potter <3 and Little Women haha
And I love to read novels because of it, hehe that's it =P

15 Facts about Me
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Comment with "I wanna play!" and you will be assigned a number between 15-50 of facts for you to share. I was given "10" by lynn82md Have fun!

1. I'm a Mexican girl, almost 28 years old who loves to travel. And I work as an Accountant.

Facts 2 to 15Collapse )

Note for: lynn82md .. You said 10, but in your post the smallest number was 15 so I did 15 hehehe... =D

House chores
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My favorite one, haha is Laundry and Clothes folding, more the folding than the other hahaha I dont know why... It has something to do with ordering stuff, It soothes me haha

Am I weird? hahahaCollapse )

So, what's your favorite and least favorite chore??? =)

Answer for question 4406.
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Do you like K-Pop and/or J-Pop music? Who are your favorite artist(s) from these genres and what's your favorite song?
J-Pop all the way! My favorite artists are Arashi (the #1), Perfume & One Ok Rock.. =D
Almost all of them I love haha I dont have particulars =P

A cold in hot weather... Typical
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I think I'm getting sick haha, I've been taking some medicine to attack the virus early, but I think is not working... I've been sleeping a lot after work haha which is nice but I've started neglecting LJ and I don't want to so I'm writing something..

What do you do when you start feeling like your going to get a cold??

The Friday Five
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So I saw this Friday Five, on thefridayfive and I decided to give it a try =)

Hair Length
1) What’s the longest your hair has ever been?
From the back of my neck, like 30 cm down, that's the longest I remember..

2) What’s the longest amount of hair you’ve cut off at once?
Once, a long time ago, I cut my hair (which is always long) to do somethign like a bob... really short!!!! I'll never do that again.. I love making my hair, and like that I couldn't do much =(

3) What length is your hair now?

Long, but not as long as in the first question... like 20 cm? haha not sure

4) What length of hair do you prefer most on yourself?

Long long, the longest my head can manage =P

5) What length of hair do you prefer most on your partner/potential partners?
I don't have any preference on hair length but I want him to be .. neat(?) clean(?) the hair can be long if they want, but if its not clean... no uh, I dont like it..

Yay, this was fun =)
See you next week!

Answer for question 4398.
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Which book in the Lord of the Rings saga is your favorite? Which character do you find most enjoyable, and why? If you've never read the books, do you plan to do so or do they just not interest you?
I love happy endings so my favorite book was the last one hahaha and as for the characters I think mine were Merry and Pipin (i think that's how the names are written) and Gandalf!!! I've read this books ages ago ! I don't remember details damn it =(

Recent Collector
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So, I am a recent collector.. what did I decided to start collecting?

Pins <3 hahaha nothing out of the ordinary not even weird hahaha is totally common, but is sort of a new thing for me. I've never tried to collect (as much as I can) anything..

The theme of the collection is Travelling, I LOVE to travel and would like to collect as much pins as I can from my trips. Unfortunately, I've done quite some trips before I started buying them... So I've no choice but to comeback to buy something to every place =D !! hahahaha

This is the start of my collection:
My small collection & some notesCollapse )

Summer of LJ
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Are you looking for active LJ-ers to keep your friends list busy over summer (and all year round, really)? Join the Summer of LJ friending meme.

yaaaaaaay =)