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дневник о репортажной фотосъемке в Москве. вызов и фото

предлагаю фотосъемку репортажа по ссылке: http://color-foto.com

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Today I learned a new word =)


LOL, before you think something very bad, do consider that english isn't my mother language, but I just love to use it haha and reaches farther than spanish (more people know english, than spanish i mean)

So yeah.. Wanderlust, if it were a disease... then I'd it haha I love to go out and travelling, and when I'm home I can't help dreaming about my next destination..

Today, is the 3rd day of June and since it is my birthday month I'm getting "rewards" from some pages I'm suscribed, and one of them is www.hostelworld.com my one and only sourse for cheap lodging in my travellings... so I started to check and select hostels I could book for my future trip to New York, and I felt it... I was watching the pictures of the hostels and the street view and all that, and felt the thrill of travelling; but it only lasted a few moments and then someon asked me something in the office and it blew away haha.. But that exact feeling, is what makes the fight, the saving all the money I can and the struggle all bearable..

Anyway, not a useful word in the end, but at least I know what it means now =)

Any new word you'd like to share with me? =D

Hello June
awkward, lol, hehe
This is the beginning of June, and it is my BIRTHDAY MONTHHH!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* I'll be 28 this year =D such a grown up girl !!

Hope I get presents, haha as each year passes is less gifts I get hahaha I really enjoy even if it is something small <3 !!

My birthday present for myself, is going to New York next October and maybe, only maybe if I can aford it and save enough, an apple watch =) I absolutely want it, hahaha for no particular reason, only because is pretty =)

Nails, Stickers and ReesesCollapse )

Answer for question 4390.
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Have you ever been in a helicopter? If yes, what was the occasion and where did you go?
Never... I want to try though :P

Anti-Social? pt. 2
flowers, flores
As I said, haha I am not.. and soon after I wrote the previous post I decided not to be isolated from people and join.. no, more like blend in. And the music was good and some girl friends and me were dancing and soon after a couple of guys came to dance with us... and it was very fun afterwards.

But, since I'm not sporty I got tired afterwards and sitted back down (I was wearing high heels) and returned to my world of other people indifference, but then a small group of guys called me by my name and asked me to go seat with them; they were my birthay friend younger brother and his friends, and we started talking about very interesting stuff about careers, traveling, Japan and culture and they got me interested in people again haha and we talked a while very happily..

Then I realized it was very late and I had to come back home (which was located roughly 40 minutes away with no traffic in the other side of the city) so... I snapped out of the fun party and started saying my goodbyes.

It is so easy to inmerse myself into my own world in a place full of people and noisy that impresses me.. I'm even able to fall asleep in the middle of a party and with no need to be drunk. And probably this is my deffense mecanism when I'm not interested in the people around me... so, since I'm trying to keep up with this diary I'll try to write as much as I can..

Today, Sunday, I woke up so LATE with musle pain and feet pain, so I stayed in and watched movies with my family and cooked and even now, writing in my bed, readying myself to sleep, I'm still in the same pijamas from last night hahha I didn't even showered.. hahaha parties drain me .. haha

Anyway, It was a good weekend because also I didn't spend much! :D

cute, cat, kya
I am not! Or so I think...

Maybe I'm just on a different beat... Hahaha I'm currently at a party, I listen to the music and I love it but that's it, I'm here sitting watching everybody talk with one another and dance and flirt and pretty just everything people does at parties, and the only thing I was thinking about was how to get out of here... Because I'm already very sleepy haha

Is not that I don't know the people in the party, is the birthday party of one of my best friends but haha still I'm not a very talkable person.. At parties haha

Well, then I thought I may look a little bit better if I'm on the phone pretending to talk to someone haha and instead writing this entry ;)

Anyway, I'll see how much longer I can stay here haha


Answer for question 4388.
cute, cat, kya
If you could get back in touch with one person from your past, who would it be? Why do you want to reconnect with them? Why did you lose contact over the years?
I would love to talk with one of my best friends, who unfortunately died on a car accident..

She was the best, always there for you and always had the best advices.

Answer for question 4386.
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What is your favorite holiday? What do you usually do on this day -- do you have any special traditions for it?
I have 2, I think..
Christmas !! because I love the cold and getting gifts and being with my family, and all that. Even though in my family we're already grown ups, except for my niece, we still wait for santa and get surprises on the christmas tree !! Because we all buy something the others might like, so is awesome!!

Mexican Independence Day, because everything's so mexican.. haha my country isn't the best economically or politically, BUT our culture is Awesome and on this day, everything's mexican and we party with friends, family and anyone.. there are traditions, but since it involves politicians I dont get involved.. I mainly party with my friends =)

Apple muffin
flowers, flores

YEAH !!! Who said I couldn’t cook… haha ok no one said it… BUT ! I can and I did !!

Self-fufillment ahead... and yummy muffinsCollapse )


Writing just for writing
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I've been reading the novel by Bram Stoker, Dracula... Super famous I know.. Because I've never read it before and surprisingly as it may sound I never listen or knew the original story..

I know Dracula is a vampire and all.. But that's about it.. No more.. So I started a reading project for this year and this is the third book in my reading list.

Read more...Collapse )..
Here a random picture I took a few days ago :)

Answer for question 4382.
cute, cat, kya
If you could go back to any time of your life, when would it be? What made that time so special to you?
I would like to go back to any time while I was on vacation or out of the country ! hahaha

And find a way to stay there longer...

If I had to pick a place, I would say Japan. <3