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Smiling in this Beautiful World

A moment to remember...

22 June
I'm from Monterrey, Mexico which is in the north part of Mexico and very close to Texas. I'm currently 28 years old, and I like learning about other cultures as well as mine, travelling and meeting new people.

I studied to be an accountant and fortunately I've found a job that lets me to learn a lot about my field of knowledge and also, allows me to travel often (like once or twice a year).

I'm currently single and I live with my family, as it is the custom in Mexico, and we are very close together.

I've found that people in LJ is usually very interesting and out of the ordinary, so I've decided to revive this plataform and start writing about myself and other things related that may be interesting to write, and also because I'd love to have new friends from other places to share knowledge and opinions.

If you want to know... this is me: